I’m Diane Rusk.

Creator of Relaxed Labor Pregnancy Meditation.

• I am a laugh-lov’in, baby-hugg’in, brain-storm’in Entrepreneur
• I came up with my first product idea when I was 12 years old (but I didn’t even know it at that time)
• I was a contestant on the Canadian TV show Dragon’s Den (but didn’t get a deal….yet )
• Canadian Tire and the IT STORE carried my products
• I’ve been an EXTRA in two movies and I ALMOST was in the original GREASE movie (yes the one with John Travolta & Olivia Newton John!)
• I won a trip to Antigua in a radio contest
• I slept in a cave in Mykonos, Greece


And if you’re curious….

  • I’ve had two near-death experiences
  • I was a professional cheerleader for the Toronto Blizzard soccer team
  • I worked in Television as a reporter and married my cameraman (35 yrs)
  • I am a professional Voice Over artist in my spare time
  • I was at a Bob Marley concert in Paris, France
  • I am the proud creator of Relaxedlabor.com, a meditation MP3 for pregnant women
  • I have TWO awesome boys and they have given me FIVE amazing grandchildren (#6 coming this fall!)
  • …..AND my Super Power is to help pregnant women feel RELAXED and confident throughout their labor & delivery “To Delivery & beyond….!”

Why this meditation and why me ?

  • Meditation can be done anytime, anywhere
  • It is an ancient world-wide technique, known to bring about calmness
  • I truly want you to love your pregnancy and feel calm and confident
  • ….. and because, it worked for me and thousands of others!

“These techniques helped me to concentrate and relax.”    

“During my 18 hr. labor it certainly came in handy.”   

“We love it – use it in every series of classes we teach.”

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